Support Equality at the Kotel

"The Reform and Conservative movements must not be allowed to gain a foothold...those who are not far from abominations, unholy, and unkosher - them - throw them to the dogs, and Women of the Wall - this group placed at the edge of the camp, next to the Dung Gate, in a far-off corner, that is their place, throw them to the dogs." This quote from ultra-Orthodox MK Meir Porush, using biblical terminology to show how little they value progressive Judaism, is how Orly Erez-Likhovski, director of our legal department, began in front of the Supreme Court at our [...]

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IRAC takes on gender segregation in higher education

S had a major assignment due by midnight, but was forced to take a lower grade and turn it in late because she had no access to the resources she needed in the college library as it was closed to women that day. This is a reality for students on campuses in Israel that are trying to attract ultra-Orthodox students. Freedom and equality, the most basic principles of academia, are suspended on ultra-Orthodox college campuses and students' acceptance is on the condition that they dress and behave a certain way or be expelled. The Israeli government promises its citizens' education. [...]

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"You are not obligated to complete the work, nor are you free to cease from it." Dear friends, Rabbi Tarfon, in the Avot Tractate, said: “You are not obligated to complete the work, nor are you free to cease from it” (Avot Tractate, 2:21). As we near the end of another civilian calendar year, we stop for a minute, to take this statement to heart. What a year we have had here at the Israel Reform Movement. Great accomplishments, alongside significant challenges, weave together the fabric that makes us who we are. On a programmatic level, we have seen [...]

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Dear Friends, Chanukah is a time when we can truly celebrate all of the light that our congregations and programs are bringing to Israel. From Kehillat “Birkat Shalom” in Kibbutz Gezer, who held a special program for Olim from South Africa in Ramleh, creating mosaic hanukiyot (menorahs), to the Chanukah market in Kibbutz Lotan, held in partnership with Keren b’Kavod, and Candle lighting at Congregation “Ma’alot Tivon” in Kiryat Tivon with residents of the “Kfar Tikvah” senior living facility, these congregations and programs bring to life the miracle of Chanukah in its modern form, spreading light across Israel. Just [...]

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Religious Liberals: On the Way Down?

Originally published by J-Wire Religious Liberals: On the Way Down?…asks Bill Rubinstein December 10, 2017 by Professor Bill RubInstein A recent report in the Australian Jewish News (“Rabbis Urge Compassion,” 24 November) concerned a meeting of the Council of Progressive Rabbis and the Council of Masorti Rabbis in Australia. The meeting’s aim was to set out an ultra-liberal political agenda which its participants advocated and endorsed. Specifically mentioned were Manus Island, where “Australia’s current approach to asylum seekers lacks … compassion, decency, and humanity.” On fossil fuels, the meeting opposed the Carmichael Mine in Queensland, “because of the devastating [...]

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