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Chief rabbi: Better not to pray than to pray Reform

Non-Orthodox groups have reacted angrily to Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar’s comments about them in an interview given to the Makor Rishon newspaper ahead of Rosh Hashanah. Asked whether it would be better for a secular Jew who happened to be away from home on Rosh Hashanah to pray with a Reform congregation or by himself in a hotel, Amar said it would be preferable to pray by himself. […]

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Israeli poll: 83% want to end haredi military exemptions

Religion and State Index shows 71% of Israelis believe greatest tension in Israeli society is between seculars and haredim – because of IDF draft, exclusion of women and status quo. A year has gone by, a new Jewish year is upon us, and the tensions between secular and ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel are intensifying. The Israeli public this year engaged in two major issues related to the interface between these two sectors: The exclusion of women in public spaces, and the haredi draft issue. […]

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Vandals desecrate Latrun monastery

Suspected right-wing extremists vandalised the Latrun Monastery outside Jerusalem early on Tuesday morning, in the first “price tag” attack following the evacuation of Migron on Sunday. The vandals spray painted “Jesus is a monkey” and the words “mutual responsibility” along with the names of illegal outposts Upper Migron and Maoz Esther, in large orange letters on the outside of the monastery. They also burned the wooden door at the monastery entrance. […]

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IMPJ letter expresses shock at Latrun attack

A letter to the members of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, Latrun:     Dear friends – Shalom and sincere greetings, On behalf of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ), our congregations around the country, our rabbis and our members, we wish to inform you of our profound shock at the attack on your monastery, including the daubing of hateful slogans on the walls. We stand by you and your community and wish you all the best at this difficult time. […]

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Post Script: A State of Temporary Affairs

Who would have ever thought that as Israel edges toward 65, it would still be a country with no permanent borders, no internationally recognized capital and not even an anthem acceptable to all its citizens? Instead of projecting maturity and stability after having won its wars and surmounting the immediate physical threats to its existence, absorbing millions of immigrants and having Iran on its toes, Israel at 65 gives off an aura of conflicted insecurity, a country torn into camps and divisions with no common perception of what type of country modern Israel should be. […]

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