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Yesh Atid fights for secular marriages

For most Israelis in the Jewish state, there is one legal way to get married – God’s way. At least two parties in the coalition government are promoting a bill to allow civil marriage in Israel, including for same-sex couples. One of them is Yesh Atid, which tapped into anti-religious sentiment in last January’s national election and finished in second place.


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IDF aids Philippines disaster

In the wake of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Israel Defence Forces is carrying out Operation Islands of Hope. A 150-memb er team left for the Philippines on 13 November to provide search and rescue and medical services.


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ARZENU-World Union resolutions passed

The Zionist General Council, held in early November in Jerusalem, concluded with favorable resolutions for the Arzenu-World Union coalition. With the WUPJ delegation working in close partnership with Arzenu activists from around the world, five resolutions were passed.


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