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Can real religious pluralism take hold in Israel?

In the wake of the recent election, Israel may be transcending its decades-old culture war between religious and secular. Images from the May 16 demonstration in Jerusalem showed a black sea of anti-Zionist haredi men dressed in traditional suits and head coverings, pouring out their anger against the country’s security forces; they were protesting government policy to pursue plans to draft yeshiva students and cut their public subsidies. […]

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Israel’s Religious Services Ministry to allow non-Orthodox, state-funded community rabbis

In another move toward recognition of non-Orthodox Jewish movements, the Religious Services Ministry announced Thursday that it plans to abolish the institution of state-appointed neighborhood rabbis. Instead, financial support will be given to communities that request it for rabbis of their own choice, including non-Orthodox ones. […]

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Bennet deputy permits use of ritual baths by all Jews, then recants

Praise for Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs Eli Ben-Dahan by Reform and Conservative movements turns into condemnation after he clarifies that non-Orthodox Jews cannot use state-sponsored mikvehs for purpose of conversion. Earlier praise for Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs Eli Ben-Dahan by non-Orthodox circles in Israel has rapidly shifted to condemnation, following his partial retraction of an earlier statement that he would permit immersion in state-sponsored mikvehs (Jewish ritual baths) by Jews of all denominations. […]

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Reforms to remove Israel’s rabbinate from Ultra-Orthodox grip

Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett promotes reform that will streamline marriage process through ‘Tzohar Law.’ Naftali Bennett. Photo by Emil Salman Bennett’s Religious Services Ministry takeover portends change Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett Sunday presented his reform to the marriage registration process by expanding catchment areas and canceling dozens of religious councils. Bennett and his deputy Eli Ben Dahan announced that they will be advancing the “Tzohar Law,” or an equivalent law which will cancel the regional division of marriage registration areas, which has been in use for decades. This step introduces competition between municipal rabbis and regional religious councils. [...]

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Support the move to “free the Wall”

  Last Friday was a historic day at the Western Wall. It was the first test of Judge Sobel’s ruling allowing women to pray at the Western Wall in a manner they see fit without police harassment. Despite strong opposition the ruling held and hundreds of women prayed with their tallitot, tefillin, and in a strong full voice. The women who came out that day should be commended for their courage. […]

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