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Divorcing the Diaspora

Divorcing the Diaspora: How Netanyahu Is Finally Writing Off U.S. Jews From Haaretz by Judy Maltz 08.11.2017 The Israeli government's decision to suspend the Western Wall compromise is part of the growing evidence, observers say, that something fundamental has changed in the relationship Until not long ago, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky was the go-to guy for anyone seeking assurance that Israel did, indeed, value its relationship with American Jews. Every time it seemed the "Western Wall deal” – that promise to provide Reform and Conservative Jews with an egalitarian place of their own for prayer at the Jewish holy [...]

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Rabbi urges Australian Jews to press Israel over religious pluralism

This article was originally published by the Australian online site, WHEN AUSTRALIAN JEWS meet the incoming Israeli ambassador, the first question to ask him should be about the future of religious pluralism in Israel, ahead of Iran and negotiations with the Palestinians, according to Rabbi Gilad Kariv, executive director of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism. “Whenever there is a challenging headline about the Kotel, ring the Israeli embassy in Canberra. You may think ‘who cares?’, but trust me, when you call them, shouting at them, they will report this interaction back to Jerusalem,” Rabbi Kariv added in [...]

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