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Saying ‘no’ to Haman and ‘yes’ to joy: An Adar morning with Women of the Wall

Today is the first of the Hebrew month of Adar, and the rabbis say it’s a time of abundant joy.


What the rabbis don’t say so explicitly though is that this also is a time of reflecting on what it is that lies beneath us. We know what we look like on the outside; we see our outsides all the time. But we can’t so easily see those thoughts that hide deep inside us. (more…)

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WUPJ statement on murders in Syria


The World Union for Progressive Judaism, speaking on behalf its 1.8 million members, is outraged and appalled by the on-going murders in Syria of its own citizens, perpetrated by the Government and President of Syria. (more…)

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Head of Israeli Reform congregation speaks out against Haredim

The dedication of a new synagogue is a joyous event in the life of every community. It is a day on which the gates of heaven are open and our hearts are full. But the heart of Ilana Dothan, head of the Reform congregation Darchei Noam in Ramat Hasharon, which will soon dedicate its permanent sanctuary on Yavneh Street, has been shrinking of late. That is due to ugly occurrences of suppression of women and incidents of intolerance coming from the Orthodox sector.


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