The World Union for Progressive Judaism, speaking on behalf its 1.8 million members, is outraged and appalled by the on-going murders in Syria of its own citizens, perpetrated by the Government and President of Syria.

Not a day goes by without reports of hundreds of citizens and opposition members in Syria being murdered,  particularly in the town of Homs and now spreading to other cities around Syria. To date thousands have perished at the hands of Syrian troops under the orders of Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad.

This is deliberate murder and is supported and given succour by other countries. The WUPJ condemns these deliberate murders and all of those who support the Assad regime. The WUPJ fully recognises that, should the Assad government fall, those who follow may very well also be antagonistic to Israel. The present Syrian regime has been supportive of Hezbollah, Hamas and many other terrorist groups around the Middle East. But as Jews we cannot stand aside and accept the wilful murder of its own people as acceptable under any circumstances.

Why does the world stand in harsh vocal judgment for every possibly perceived human rights violation by Israel, but remains inactive in the face of Syria’s atrocities?

Has the free world failed to learn anything from history?

To end these daily massacres we call for urgent direct intervention by the United Nations. There should be no double standards when human life is at risk.

Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs

Michael Grabiner

Dr. Philip Bliss
Chair of Advocacy Committee