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An Important Message from Gilad Kariv – President and CEO IMPJ

Dear Steve,

I hope you have been enjoying the summer and finding time for some vacation and relaxation. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you recent developments in our movement. 


First and foremost, last night, the Israeli government passed an unheard of before bill: subverting a Supreme Court decision, the ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) parties pushed a bill to effectively ban non-Orthodox, i.e. Reform and Conservative converts from bathing in municipal Mikvaot (ritual baths). We cannot stress enough the magnitude of harm that this bill causes. The bill allows municipal councils to sign agreements with the State regarding convert bathing in Mikvaot, but refuse to do that same with other bodies, with the explicit goal of subverting the recent Supreme Court decision, mandating religious councils to allow Reform and Conservative converts to bathe in public Mikvaot. 


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Understanding the Kotel – What’s at stake for Progressive Jews

Understanding the Kotel: What’s at Stake for Progressive Jews 


With so many news outlets reporting updates about the Kotel – from AP to Times of Israel to The Washington Post – it’s easy to get distracted from what the struggle is really about. The Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA), just posted the introductory video below to help explain what’s at stake and what we’re fighting for.

Click here to watch it in full. 
Watch this video to learn more about the issues
Progressive Jews are fighting for at the Kotel


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Reform, Conservative leaders to Netanyahu: Incitement and violence could lead to bloodshed

Giving up on hope for an egalitarian prayer space, non-Orthodox Jewish movements notify prime minister they plan legal battle to get their share of Western Wall.

Judy Maltz


Leaders of the Reform and Conservative movements warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “bloodshed” if the government continues to turn a blind eye to the incitement against them.


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