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Israeli Orthodox rabbinate making a practice of discrimination

by Mati Gill I am a Conservative (Masorti) Jew living in Israel, and I’m done apologizing for it. The official Israeli establishment recognizes me as a Jew, just not the way I choose to practice. The government of Israel continues to allow the ultra-Orthodox to fully control all Jewish-religious life in Israel. […]

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Israel has more Conservative and Reform Jews than Charedi

A recent survey revealed the amazing fact that there are more Conservative and Progressive Jews in Israel than there are Haredim (ultra-Orthodox). Taking material from a vast survey by the Guttman Centre, journalist Shmuel Rosner (1) noted that 8% of Israeli Jews defined themselves as Conservative or Progressive (Reform) compared to just 7% who defined themselves as Haredi. […]

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IRAC’s Keren B’Kavod assists the needy

IRAC’s Keren B’Kavod packed and distributed food and received thousands of dollars in donations from Diaspora and Israeli donors. Their volunteers are people who received assistance in the past and now want to give back to others. The 25 items in the package include olives, pickles, tuna, potato flower, cookies, legumes, toothpaste, shampoo, a white tablecloth, chocolate and a 200 shekel-clothing coupon. […]

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Anat Hoffman asks: Why is there no religious pluralism in Israel?

  Who owns the Kotel? The Western Wall, considered the holiest place in the Jewish world, is supposed to be a unifying place where all Jews can come to pray. “Unfortunately, the Kotel has become an ultra-Orthodox synagogue,” said Anat Hoffman. […]

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