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Exclusion of women in the courts

Kolech, the Religious Women’s Forum, recently reported on its website the ruling of the Be´er Sheva Magistrate´s court, which decided on maximum compensation for a female plaintiff in a small claims procedure against a hevra kadisha that did not allow her to eulogize her father. The plaintiff, Rozzy Davidian, arrived for her father´s funeral. It never occurred to her that the family would not be able to stand together as they parted from the head of the family, and she also naturally assumed that she would be able to say heartfelt words of farewell during the funeral. […]

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Fighting for gender equality in Israel

  Every area pertaining to religion and state has been defined in recent years as a battle between secular and Haredi Jews. That has been the accepted view in Israeli society: Ultra-Orthodox and secular are the two camps, and they fight. Shabbat, kashrut, the so-called hametz and pork laws: All the battles have been portrayed in black and white, with everything seen as clear-cut. […]

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Protest outside office of Chief Rabbi Amar in Jerusalem

Reform and Conservative rabbis and supporters protest outside office of Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Sephardic Chief Rabbi, as emergency meeting of Orthodox rabbis convenes to oppose High Court ruling for state recognition of Reform and Conservative rabbis.                 Leaders and members of the Progressive and Conservative movement gather outside the meeting of Orthodox rabbis condemning decision to pay non-Orthodox rabbis. […]

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