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Judaism for all – “Free market Judaism”

A few years ago, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (pictured), the spiritual leader of Shas, called a surprise “emergency rally” at a wedding hall in Jerusalem. Hundreds of Shas MKs and functionaries, high-ranking administrators of the Shas Ma’ayan Hachinuch Hatorani school system, rabbis and rabbinic judges and representatives from the news media received word that the rally was slated to take place within a few hours. After hasty preparations, hundreds converged on the wedding hall, not far from Yosef’s home in the Har Nof neighborhood. A packed crowd waited expectantly as Yosef took the stage. No-one knew the reason for the rally. [...]

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Israel Reform leader calls on Rabbi Amar to resign

Gilad Kariv, who stands at the head of Israel’s Reform Movement, spoke with Israel Radio on June 26, to express the position of Israel’s Reform Movement regarding a Asifa organised by Rison L’Tzion Rabbi Moshe Shlomo Amar Shlita (pictured below) against the Reform Movement. Kariv referred to the meeting called by Rabbi Amar for today, to address the state decision to partially recognise and fund Reform-affiliated clergypersons. […]

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