As ARZA faces this period of review and re-structure it has also nominated four delegates and eight alternates to represent ARZA in the World Zionist Congress to be held in Jerusalem in October this year.

Following a period of searching within the Executive and membership of ARZA the four delegates chosen are Barbara Ford, Sandy Hollis Caryn Granek and Steve Denenberg.  Note that while the delegates will receive some financial assistance to attend this important gathering, the deputies (“Alternates”) receive no assistance. , Based on the combination of practicality and our commitment to include as many young people and female representatives as possible, the alternates are Gabi Hollis, Aliza Hofbauer, Shira Appelboom, Jocelyn Robuck and spouses Sue Denenberg, Sam Granek and Charles Simon.

We are in discussion with Netzer Olami in Israel to have the delegation supplemented by some of the young people currently participating in the Netzer Shnat program.

Are you a person who is committed to Israel and has an interest in Israel politics. We would love to hear from you by the 10th July with a view to discussing your possible involvement in the Congress. Please email your interest to

In light of the move to the right wing of politics in the current Knesset, the resounding successes of ARZA in America and Australia will hopefully ensure that ARZENU remains part of the strongest faction in the World Zionist Congress and will allow it to continue the work of ensuring Israel respects and practices religious and gender equality.