The Union for Progressive Judaism (UPJ) recently had an organizational review, which decided that matters relating to Israel and Zionist issues should be handled by ARZA.

Consequently, from now on ARZA will be the leading voice in addressing matters related to Israel and Zionist issues.  The UPJ also decided that whereas it had previously provided administrative support, it was resolved ARZA should be a completely independent organization from the end of June 2015.

In order for ARZA to make the transition to financial and administrative independence, the UPJ has provided an initial grant to cover the cost of some part-time administrative support and equipment, for which we are most grateful.

This move has resulted in ARZA volunteers taking on additional responsibilities and committing to make the very most of this opportunity to represent and inform the community – and to strengthen the links between Jews around the world as they collectively work to make Israel a strong, healthy and inclusive society.