Irish4Israel has called for July 17th to be International Day of Solidarity with Israel. They have provided several suggestions for pro-Israel groups across the globe to promote this day.


1) Get people to stand with an Israeli flag at various global landmarks and mail us the picture. eg Sydney Opera House,San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, Buckingham Palace etc;

2) Get people to buy an Israeli made product on July 17th and send us the picture;

3) Report hate speech and groups on Facebook. We will be uploading content to the page during the day for it to be reported and hopefully deleted;

4) Run a combined fundraising effort for some Israeli charities on July 17th.So far Shavei Israel,Irish4Israel and Leket Israel are taking part and we hope to have Magen David Adom and the JNF added to this list.We will upload the funding page for that day and split the money evenly between all the charities afterwards;

5) Share information about Israel on Twitter and Facebook. (We will be uploading these to the page throughout the 17th);

6) Get everyone on the page to share a Youtube video about Israel. (We will be uploading these to the page throughout the 17th);

7) Provide fun facts on the day about Israel for you to share. (We will be uploading these to the page throughout the 17th);

8) Ask people to email politicians etc to encourage them to stand with Israel;

9) Get small groups to come together for a rally outside an Israeli Embassy to support Israel;

10) Have people hand out pro Israel information in their city;

11) Groups coming together to organise an information stand in their town/city/village;

12) A coffee morning in Max Brenner/Aroma Coffee Shop;

13) A spa morning in your local Ahava/Dead Sea store;

14) Promote pro-Israel media organisations that are in English, French, German etc. (e.g. Times of Israel, I24news);

To learn more, visit Irish4Israel’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page:; or