Caulfield Park gathering 13 Oct

The Melbourne Jewish community gathering at Caulfield Park on Shabbat 13/10 in support of Israel

Dear ARZA Australia Friends and Friends and Families of those in Israel. We mourn your loss.

There is so much to be said, but where to begin? Perhaps less is more!

We have all been traumatised by what we have seen and heard. I am not about to repeat the horror of the killing and torture. We know what has happened and we can’t imagine any human being doing such things to another human being.

We here in Australia are gathering to support our brothers and sisters and bring comfort where we can. We are raising funds to support those in need in Israel. We are calling friends and family to tell them we love them and wish them safety and security.

As we read the briefings and watch it all on our screens, we wonder how we can help to bring an end to it all.

We know there is nothing we can do to this end. We understand that Israel has to take action to end the threat from Hamas and any others wanting to rain terror on the Jewish State, that has every right to exist within secure borders.

Those attacking have never ceded this right, despite the United Nations and the world creating the ancient land of the Hebrews a Jewish State, providing a safe haven for the most persecuted people on earth – the Jews.

Our hearts ache for you. We understand your fear for the future and for your sons and daughters serving their country. At my Shul we gathered to sing the songs of Israel and Hatikvah, the ballad of hope. We sang it with all our hearts and tears in our eyes.


ARZA President, Helen Shardey

Helen Shardey OAM
ARZA Australia President
UPJ Vice President
WUPJ Executive Board