Dear Friends,

We are very excited to launch our first ever UPJ Solidarity Mission to Israel (See flyer).

October 7 changed the lives of every Israeli, and it also changed us in the Diaspora. One outcome from this experience has been the re-connection of Israeli’s and Diaspora Jewry. Our shared destiny and the importance of supporting each other in these challenging times has not been more apparent than it is now.

Having volunteered to go to Israel very early on, I can speak from experience when I say that Israel desperately needs and appreciates Diaspora Jews coming to the country, being with them, volunteering, and understanding the challenges they face. In 2022 over 2,600,000 tourists came to Israel. Since October 7, this has dropped to virtually zero. By committing to come, you are making an enormous difference to both the economy, as well as the spirit of Israel and Israeli’s.

This trip is also special for us as a movement. It is the opportunity for our region to promote our strength and commitment to Israel, by coming together on this unique journey. As our first such endeavour, we are very committed to making it a success. We are working with the IMPJ and WUPJ along with an experienced tour provider to ensure it is safe and successful. The timing of our Mission means participants can stay on and experience what will likely be the most poignant Yom Hazykiron and Yom Haatzmaut in Israel’s history. Whilst we are aware other Israel Missions are taking place, the opportunity to stand in solidarity with the people of Israel, hear first-hand about the events and repercussions of 7 October, volunteer to make a difference, and all of this while experiencing the joy of Progressive Judaism, is unique!

We would love to have one participant, at least, from each of our 26 communities so that the trip will be truly representative of our region, and these participants will return to their communities as ambassadors for the Mission and Israel.

You can click here to get involved or for further information including a sample itinerary:

Daniel Hochberg
Co-President Union for Progressive Judaism