#KitesForFreedom – A Global Initiative

“You fire missiles at us, we fly kites towards you”

Join Kibbutz Kfar Aza in this annual event, this year flying kites to FREE the kidnapped Israeli children.

Sunday, 19 November 11:00 am

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Aviv Kutz, the founder and the living spirit behind the kites flying festival, was murdered along with his wife and their three children. In memory of Aviv (54), Livnat (49), Rotem (19), Yonatan (17), Yiftach (15) and in order to raise awareness for the 34 kidnapped children and babies—#KitesForFreedom—will initiate campaigns on different special dates starting from the following days onwards.

Family Friendly
Secure location with Private security & CSG on site

Music Food and speakers
Sunday 19 November, Hawthorn East

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