Dear Friends

The WUPJ mishpachah sends our prayers and good wishes for a happy and sweet new year to you and your loved ones throughout Australia, Asia, and New Zealand.

Hopefully, most of you will be safely re-entering your synagogues during this significant time in our Jewish calendar; while some will choose to ‘attend’ online services streamed here and around the world. Either way, we hope you feel that you are part of our strong, supportive, and like-minded communities, celebrating together in over 50 countries, in synagogues and a range of different settings; sharing the same prayers, maybe to different melodies, old and new; surrounded by family, enjoying welcome hospitality and looking forward to the sound of the Shofar.

Especially at this time, when we also remember those less fortunate than us, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to you, for your continued financial support, through the UPJ Progressive Trust Campaign. Your generosity enables WUPJ to:

  • Provide humanitarian aid to Jews and other refugees in Ukraine, and the other countries to which they have fled,
  • Sponsor programs for Jewish education and leadership development,
  • Connect Jews around the world with each other and Israel,
  • Engage Jewish youth as proud and active community members,
  • Advance Progressive Judaism in Israel; and advocate for a just, civil, and inclusive society.

We hope that 5784 brings you good health, renewal of spirit, acceptance of, and comfort with, change, a full and meaningful communal life, and for us all, peace, where there is none.

G’mar Chatima Tova


Rabbi Sergio Bergman, President

Phyllis Dorey OAM, Chair