World Zionist Conference for Australians

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38th World Zionist Congress

The 38th World Zionist Congress convenes from 20 – 22 October 2020 for the first time in its history, virtually. ARZENU and the WUPJ are represented by a strong delegation from around the world including Australia. Here for your convenience are some online resources.

1. ARZENU Pre Congress Program – Sunday October 11 to Monday October 19

Conference playlist
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2. The World Zionist Congress – Tuesday October 20 to Thursday October 22

Click here for outline of the World Zionist Congress Program

Click here for ARZA Australia Facebook page
(congress will be live streamed)

3. ARZA Australia activities over the year

ARZA Australia made the video below about our activities over the year which was sent to Israel for distribution by ARZENU to affiliates around the world.

I hope, as part of the Progressive Movement here in Australia you will take advantage of the opportunity to see and understand what happens in Israel at the World Zionist Congress. Eight members of ARZA Australia will be represented at the Congress either as Delegates or Deputy Delegates,  and have the opportunity to contribute to policies in support of our Progressive ideals. I hope you will join us.

ARZA President, Helen Shardey

Helen Shardey
ARZA Australia President
UPJ Vice President

News and Events

UIA Progressive Appeal 2024

The Union for Progressive Judaism (UPJ) is proud to partner with the UIA in responding to the crisis in Israel. We hope you will take the opportunity to meet and be inspired by Rabbi Yael Vurgan, and to support her work and the many other projects supported by the UIA Progressive Appeal.The UPJ is proud to partner with the UIA across Australia. Among other amazing projects, the UIA funds absorption centres and youth villages, which [...]

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Why Does UNRWA Still Exist?

The UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) was founded in 1949 as a temporary organisation to settle Arab refugees after Arab countries declared war on Israel in 1948. Another temporary organisation that was formed soon after was UNKRA (United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency) with the mandate to settle refugees from the Korean conflict. The reasons for these two temporary organisations was that [...]

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Beit-Haam Swords of Iron War

Dear friends, We are happy to share with you the booklet Iron Swords, carefully prepared by the Department of Diaspora Affairs in the World Zionist Council. Using videos, items from the press and websites, this booklet helps to broaden the scope of relevant topics and raise basic and relevant questions. We invite you to choose the sections that interest you the most, and devote time and thought to them. We also encourage you to [...]

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UPJ Israel Solidarity Trip 3-10 May 2024 Announcement

Dear Friends, We are very excited to launch our first ever UPJ Solidarity Mission to Israel (See flyer). October 7 changed the lives of every Israeli, and it also changed us in the Diaspora. One outcome from this experience has been the re-connection of Israeli’s and Diaspora Jewry. Our shared destiny and the importance of supporting each other in these challenging times has not been more apparent than it is [...]

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The Future Rests On Our Shoulders

Dear community members I believe that today the need for unity of the Jewish people and the Israeli society is greater than ever before. The article below reflects the requirement for all of us to rise above petty politics and build bridges of dialogue and collaboration among the sections of the Jewish people. May 2024 bring us together in peace and solidarity. Ayal Marek To my fellow Zionist youth… [...]

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Reflections on Tu Bi Shvat

Dear friends,As we celebrate Tu Bi Shvat, The New Year of the Trees, we are reminded that ecological awareness has always been part of Jewish tradition. This awareness began with Biblical Talmudic & Mishna guides to agricultural practices, to ensure sustainability of the land and fruit-bearing trees (Shnat Shmita), limitations on age and years of yield before consumption of crops, and more. […]

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