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The Zionist Council of NSW launched it’s brand new Israel experience “Yesh!” in 2016 and took its first group of Jewish students aged 21-28 to Israel for a two week visit from July 7th to 20th. The visit gave participants a unique and personal view of Israel that would not likely be found on any other program or when traveling alone.

With so much buzz around entrepreneurship and innovation Yesh! took participants to the heart of the action, touring Start-up Hubs, High-tech companies and working side by side with established entrepreneurs to learn, innovate and try and understand how Israel, a small and young country of only 7million is able to produce more start-up companies per capita than anyone else in the world.

“By focusing on Israel as a Start-Up Nation as well as Advocacy and Culture, the program allowed students to engage with a unique cross section of organisations and individuals. The program showed both urban and rural sides of Israel, diverse communities from the ultra-Orthodox of Mea She’arim to the Druze community, and a range of local people from young to old, and those in the business sector, academic and community representatives”.