The Committee of Management of ARZA Australia Inc. for the period 2015-2016 was elected at the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 15 November AGM at Emanuel Synagogue, 7 Ocean Street, Woollahra, NSW, 2025.  The following list is of those elected.


President:                                  Steve Denenberg
Vice Presidents (2):                    Caryn Granek & Sandy Hollis
Treasurer:                                 Philip Levy
Secretary:                                 Adam Hofbauer

Committee members:
Adam Hofbauer (NSW)
Eric McDonald (ACT)
Lesley Rosenthal (South Australia)

Please note that the Immediate Past President is Barbara Ford and does not require nomination.  Similarly, the ex officio members of the Committee of Management are:

Netzer Federal Mazkirah:            Shira Appelboom
Netzer Vic & Federal Shaliach:    Nadav Shachmon
President, UPJ:                          Roger Mendelson