Dear ARZA member,

“The Days of Awe” may sound like the title of a Tom Cruise movie but is really a most important time for each Jewish person to review their victories, failures, disappointments and achievements of the past year.

Even more importantly, it provides the opportunity for each of us to evaluate the results – and to determine what the priorities for the coming year are.

With regard to the mission of ARZA, and our global organisation, ARZENU, there have been many steps forward and a similar number of steps backward – mostly due to the overwhelming priority of the current Government of Israel to retain power, regardless of the impact their decisions have on the unity and cohesion of the Jewish people.

When you consider your priorities for the coming year please think about the importance of there being an inclusive and democratic Israel that strives to live in peace – not only with its external neighbours, but also within its borders, including freedom, respect and freedom of religion for all of its citizens.

If you agree that this is a matter of importance for you, your children, grandchildren and your friends, please maintain and even increase your support for ARZA and its work within the Zionist Federation of Australia and the World Zionist Congress.

May you be blessed with a Chatima Tova the coming year a time of peace, good health and happiness – for you, those you love, and K’lal Israel

Steve Denenberg

ARZA President