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Joint UPJ – ARZA Australia Announcement

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Under a joint agreement, UPJ and  ARZA –  have agreed to offer a free membership of ARZA -Association of Reform/Progressive Zionists of Australia. 

This is in recognition of the financial pressures currently being faced by members of our congregations and also in recognition of the importance of the Progressive Movement of Australia being strongly represented at the World Zionist Congress, when it is held in Israel, either in person or remotely. We are also working closely with our Coalition Masorti partners in this endeavour.

We believe this is a very exciting decision, and one which we hope all our congregational members will strongly support. It means that your voice will be heard by the world Progressive Zionist Movement and help shape Israeli political and economic policies and the challenges facing the Jewish people.

Our Progressive Zionist views support religious equality for all streams of Judaism, a pluralist society, peace, social justice and Tikun Olam in our Jewish Homeland.

With your support, we can continue to add to our magnificent achievements in Israel and ensure the voice of Progressive Judaism continues to be heard in Israel and around the world.


ARZA President, Helen Shardey

Helen Shardey
ARZA Australia President
UPJ Vice President

David Knoll AM UPJ Co-President

David Knoll AM
UPJ Co-President

Brian Samuel OAM UPJ Co-President

Brian Samuel OAM
UPJ Co-President

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Left, Benny Gantz, center, Benjamin Netanyahu, right, Yair Lapid (Hadas Parush, Noam Revkin Fenton, Hadas Parush/ Flash90) What better way to discuss Israeli politics than to invite three Israelis to meet and have a discussion? This happened last night when ARZA Australia and PJV (Progressive Judaism Victoria) jointly hosted a Zoom panel with guests Anna Kislanski, CEO of the Israeli Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) visiting Australia, Sefi Shalam our Victorian Netzer Shaliach [...]

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Israeli Elections Discussion

PJV and ARZA invite you to hear Anna Kislanski (CEO of the Israeli Movement for Progressive Judaism), Sefi Shalam (Progressive Community Shaliach) and Orit Elkayam Cohen (Jewish Agency Representative Australia and New Zealand) discuss the latest developments in the upcoming Israel election. 7:30pm Sunday 7 August Online via Zoom: Helen Shardey OAM ARZA Australia President UPJ Vice President

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Letter to the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Yair Lapid The Prime Minister’s Office July 11, 2022 Dear Prime Minister, On behalf of the Australian Progressive and Masorti movements, we write to warmly welcome you to the position of Prime Minister of Israel. When you last addressed the Progressive Movement, you demonstrated a deep and meaningful understanding of the principles, values, and beliefs of our movement. You have also had a long and very positive relationship [...]

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