Gilad Kariv, who stands at the head of Israel’s Reform Movement, spoke with Israel Radio on June 26, to express the position of Israel’s Reform Movement regarding a Asifa organised by Rison L’Tzion Rabbi Moshe Shlomo Amar Shlita (pictured below) against the Reform Movement. Kariv referred to the meeting called by Rabbi Amar for today, to address the state decision to partially recognise and fund Reform-affiliated clergypersons.

Kariv told Israel Radio that Rabbi Amar is a state employee, and he and his colleagues are bothered by the fact that a civil servant is abusing his position to promote his own agenda. He added that Rav Amar is the president of the Rabbinical Supreme Court and he is using that senior position to act against the High Court and many Jews, in this case the members of the Reform and Conservative Movements. Kariv reminded listeners that the chief rabbi has released many harsh statements against the Reform Movement and this is unacceptable.

Kariv calls on Rabbi Amar to step down from his government position since “It is unacceptable that my tax funds go in part to pay the rabbi’s salary when he acts as he does”.

Reprinted with thanks to the Yeshiva World News – Israel Desk, Jerusalem, 26/6/12