Rabbi Gilad Kariv, IMPJ President and CEO, responds to Deputy Minister Hotovely’s damaging comments about Diaspora Jewry.
“The nice words of the Prime Minister are not enough, Tzipi Hotovely, the Deputy Minister, cannot continue to be the public face of the State of Israel in Jewish communities around the world and we expect the Prime Minister to release the Deputy Minister from her duty.”
Responding to Likud spokesperson calling Hotovely’s comments a mistake Rabbi Kariv said “We are not talking about mistakes, we are talking about philosophies, we are talking about political attitude and unfortunately I need to say that in spite of, and with respect to the Prime Minster’s comments that condemned the comments made by the deputy minister, the TRUTH must be presented: the current Israeli government, unfortunately, is not following even one of its promises to world Jewry. It’s not only the issue of the Kotel, we cannot avoid the fact that we are in the middle of a massive wave of incitement led by senior politicians that are part of the current government.”
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