The Future Rests On Our Shoulders

Teenagers, young woman and man with the Flag of Israel draped over their shoulders at the sunset over the sea in israel. Friendship in childhood silhouette

Dear community members

I believe that today the need for unity of the Jewish people and the Israeli society is greater than ever before. The article below reflects the requirement for all of us to rise above petty politics and build bridges of dialogue and collaboration among the sections of the Jewish people.

May 2024 bring us together in peace and solidarity.

Ayal Marek

To my fellow Zionist youth… the future rests on our shoulders!

Jewish history has taught us that the future of our People rests on the shoulders of its youth. As kids, we were taught of our People’s story – the tragedy of our displacement and the triumph of our survival and cultural prosperity. We were inspired to care about the world and to question relentlessly. As we grew up, many of us became leaders in our youth movements and community, taking it upon ourselves to guide the next generation of young Jews to take pride in their Jewish and Zionist identity and ownership over making this world a better place.


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Reflections on Tu Bi Shvat


Dear friends,

As we celebrate Tu Bi Shvat, The New Year of the Trees, we are reminded that ecological awareness has always been part of Jewish tradition. This awareness began with Biblical Talmudic & Mishna guides to agricultural practices, to ensure sustainability of the land and fruit-bearing trees (Shnat Shmita), limitations on age and years of yield before consumption of crops, and more.


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Say NO to Antisemitism

Dear friends please – share with your CHRISTIAN friends:

Thanks to the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) for launching a campaign against antisemitism. I urge you to join the campaign. It’s IMPERATIVE that the silent majority SPEAK UP to urge our government to act against the vocal minority of hate-mongers who have exploded into our campuses and onto our streets; and discourage the mis-informed and mis-guided “human rights activists” who join them. Follow the link to review the details and sign the petition.

Ayal Marek
President ARZA & Vice President UPJ

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