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IRAC thanks Streisand for her support

Last week Barbara Streisand visited Israel. The excitement her presence creates cannot be understated. If she was only the greatest performer in a generation that would be enough of a reason to wait in line to hear her, but we all know that Barbra is much Anat Hoffmanmore than a world class singing voice. She is also one of the most important voices of conscience for issues of social justice. When she supports a cause it is wise to take notice, and we are so proud that she supports us.


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Streisand, on tour of Israel, slams ultra-Orthodox treatment of women

Barbara StreisandEntertainment star Barbra Streisand waded into one of Israel’s touchiest issues Monday on the first major stop of her tour of the country – Jewish religious practices that separate men and women.


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Israel’s top court rejects bid to speed up recognition of Progressive Judaism

Reform women prepareThe Israel Supreme Court heard a petition by Reform and Conservative Jews seeking state recognition of their movements and public funding, but decide to wait six months to ‘let the changes to the system for employing neighborhood rabbis proceed.’


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