It’s time to talk about Jewish terrorists.  They make Israelis feel uncomfortable, so we use euphemisms. Instead of calling them terrorists or criminals, we call them asavim shotim – wild weeds.


Never before have so many white-collar, urban Israelis discussed soil, weeds and uncontrolled agricultural growth.

The common notion is that wild weeds grow outside the field, in hidden corners away from the farmer’s eye. But, in fact, they grow right in the center, along the main water pipe. They pop up and spread out from the places where they get the most nourishment. The same is true of our terrorists. They do not live on the margins. They live in our midst.

Last week, Benzi Gopstein, the leader of the Jewish extremist hate group Lehava, told a gathering of young yeshivah students that it is a mitzvah (a Jewish legal obligation) to burn down churches in Israel.  He said this two days after the Shin Bet told the Attorney General there are no grounds for Lehava to be outlawed. We do not believe Lehava should be banned. There is no need for such a drastic measure. A democratic state should not have to resort to outlawing organizations when there are laws against racist incitement and ways to implement these laws.

Successful gardening requires regular, targeted weeding and pruning.  Don’t use a combine if a weed whacker will do.  Israel has the tools in her shed to weed effectively, if only we would dust them off and use them. Laws criminalizing incitement to racism and incitement to violence. Laws criminalizing the publication or distribution of materials that incite violence. These laws must be enforced without further delay.

I need your help. Please help fund our campaign against Lehava.  Our staff has developed a focused plan of action that makes the best of our experience and unparalleled knowledge about Lehava and their ilk. All you need to do to is click here, and we will whack the weeds. Less weeds, more milk and honey.

Anat Hoffman The Pluralist 10 August 2015

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