IRAC’s Keren B’Kavod packed and distributed food and received thousands of dollars in donations from Diaspora and Israeli donors. Their volunteers are people who received assistance in the past and now want to give back to others. The 25 items in the package include olives, pickles, tuna, potato flower, cookies, legumes, toothpaste, shampoo, a white tablecloth, chocolate and a 200 shekel-clothing coupon.




Their packers are usually not the same religion as the recipients and include all of Israel’s diverse communities. They focused on groups that are overlooked by other organizations, as well as Israel’s poorer Jewish communities, such as Druze, Gypsies, African refugees, and the Arab Muslim and Christian communities. They also help ultra-Orthodox youth who left that life and have nobody else to help them because of social marginalization from their family and former friends.