The Zionist Council of NSW is launching Yesh, a heavily discounted 14-day trip to Israel for students aged 19-24 years.

The trip is for students who would like to see a different side to Israel than they would have experienced before whether it be on a previous program or on holiday.

The cost is only $1500 for 14 days from July 1-14. This does not include flights.

Here’s a taster of just a few of the trip highlights.

–          Outdoor culinary group experienve

–          Drumming Cruise

–          Visiting 8200 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Program (EISP) that supports new entrepreneurs and fosters new Start ups in Israel

–          Shuk Tasting Tour

–          Meeting with Druze community

–          Advocacy Practical Workshop

–          Desert Night Tour & Dinner

–          Israeli Brewery Experience

–          Water Skiing in Tel Aviv

–          Visit to ‘Save a Child’s Heart’

For more information, visit the Yesh facebook page: