Helen and Rabbi Julia Gris at the Kotel

Helen and Rabbi Julia Gris at the Kotel

I am in Israel the day after Israel bombed the head quarters of the extreme Jihad in Gaza following rocket attacks on Israel over the last weeks.

The photos are of my visit to the Kotel with Rabbi Julia Gris from the Ukraine. She and her daughter Izolda escaped Ukraine together and with their two cats.

They are living in Germany from where she is in touch with her Progressive community in Germany, Ukraine and other European countries.

She provides Shabbat services via zoom to the Progressive community who can connect.

Rabbi Julia was among a number of Rabbis and people from Ukraine who have either made Aliyah or were brought to Israel by the World Union and the URJ to attend Connections.

The WUPJ has conducted an amazing program to bring to Israel and to support those escaping Ukraine and those Ukrainians now living in Europe.

Special support is provided by the World Union to Ukraine Progressive Rabbis to continue their work with their communities.

We should be proud that our Progressive Appeal has contributed to this sacred work of the WUPJ.

There is also a photo of the new Board and Executive of the WUPJ. I am proud to be included as the Australian representative.

Meanwhile I am staying near Tel Aviv. Currently we are in a wait and see mode, while Israel assesses the situation and any response from Gaza and Hamas.

We will continue to pray for peace and security.

The new Board and Executive of the WUPJ

The new Board and Executive of the WUPJ

ARZA President, Helen Shardey

Helen Shardey OAM
ARZA Australia President
UPJ Vice President