Rafi Walden, Steve Denenberg, Tsvia Walden, Eric McDonald

ARZA Australia was pleased to support the efforts of the UIA Progressive Campaign on behalf of the World Union for Progressive Judaism’s work to resettle refugees and migrants in Israel.

At an event hosted this week by supporters Jenny and Rob Smith, the Progressive Campaign’s outstanding guest speakers, Professors Tsvia and Raphael Walden gave members of the community a wonderful insight into key social issues in Israel today as well as hearing from Tsvia about the challenges confronting her, when saying Kaddish at the funeral of her late father, Shimon Peres (z”l).

“By providing support for the WUPJ’s immigration work, we free up funds for the WUPJ to fight for religious equality and the maintenance of democratic institutions in the Jewish State” said ARZA President, Steve Denenberg “As well as developing the network of Progressive congregations – thereby highlighting the reality that there really are many ways to be Jewish.”

Professor Raphael Walden reflected that the title of Progressive / Reform is a misnomer as it is really our denomination of Judaism that focusses on the traditional values of Judaism i.e. caring for and about the ’stranger’, living with respect and trying to make the world a better place.

Donations to the Progressive Campaign are tax deductible and can be made directly to the UIA office in each capital city.

Tsia Walden, Dr. Jez Barrold, Steve Denenberg
Henry Wirth, Barry Shine, Rafi Walden