Our Vision

ARZA Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that represents and promotes the views and values of Progressive/Reform Jewish Zionists.

Our vision

The fulfilment of the dream of Zionism

  • Israel being a secure Jewish state living in peace with its neighbours.
  • The realisation of the Declaration of Independence, including complete equality of social and political rights for all of its inhabitants and the guarantee of freedom of religion, conscience, language education and culture.

At ARZA we:

  • Ensure the values and views of Progressive Zionists are represented in all appropriate forums and media, locally and internationally.
  • Support Israel’s efforts to be a democratic and inclusive society.
  • Advocate for the rights of all Israeli citizens, irrespective of religion, race or sexual orientation.
  • Promote Israel’s efforts to live in security and at peace with its neighbours.
  • Serve as a source of information and education on issues relating to Israel.
  • Work with like-minded groups around the world under the banner of ARZENU.

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