Mixed Prayer Space at Western Wall imminent

After three years of negotiations, government tentatively scheduled to vote Sunday on plan to create area where men and women from Reform, Conservative denominations could hold services.

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Feminist Activists Threaten to defy new restrictions on Women’s Prayer at Western Wall

The Center for Women's Justice plans to reject the outcome of impending government vote if women are not allowed to pray out loud.

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ARZENU speaks out against Jewish extremism

Recent events in Israel have forced ARZA, the organisation representing Progressive Zionists in Australia, to join a campaign led by it’s world body, ARZENU, to call on the Government of Israel to take immediate and strong action against extreme right-wing groups, and for Zionist groups around the world to condemn their acts of terrorism and hate-mongering. 

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Thou shalt not murder. Remember?

Those who assert a Jewish religious legitimacy for murder know nothing. With their wickedness, they shame the name of Judaism. This should not need saying. The Duma killings underline that it does.

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PM Netanyahu's about face on women's prayer at the Kotel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly come to an agreement with the haredi political parties not to allow the Women of the Wall prayer rights group to read from a Torah in the women’s section of the Western Wall.

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