Israel's High Court forbids discrimination against Conservative, Reform Converts in Public Mikvehs

Reform and Conservative Jews of choice cannot be denied entry to state-run mikvehs (ritual baths) as part of their conversion process, the High Court of Justice ruled Thursday.

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Kedem congregation seeking a Community Development Manager

If you are keen to help develop a dynamic Progressive Jewish congregation this could be the job for you.

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WZO welcomes Joint Prayer area at the Western Wall

The Department for Diaspora Activities of the World Zionist Organization, which works tirelessly to strengthen the ties between Jewish communities in the Diaspora and Israel, and aims to turn the State of Israel into "Beit Ha'am"-- the "Home of the Nation" for all Jewry -- applauds the important step to make a permanent space for egalitarian prayer at the Kotel.

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Religious politicians abuse their authority

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu only recently declared before the North American Jewish leadership his commitment to ensuring that all streams of Judaism feel at home in Israel and his promise to provide governmental funding to Israel’s non-Orthodox institutions. This was great PR and necessary strategic positioning, but the reality on the ground is very different.

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Israel Government legalises and recognises egalitarian prayer at the Kotel

The Israeli Government has passed an historic and unprecedented resolution legalizing and officially recognizing the status of egalitarian prayer at the Kotel – Western Wall.

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