IRAC calls for end to attack on Reform / Progressive Jews

Our tradition teaches us that there is more than one way to kill a human being.  One way is to literally spill someone's blood.  This was the (attempted) way of Haman, who we will read about several days from now on Purim.

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Interior Minister Deri: "We won't sit in Gov't that recognizes the Reform movement"

Minister Arye Deri said Monday his party would not remain in a government that recognizes the Reform Movement.

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Ministerial legislation committee approves law removing Reform from mikvah

The ministerial legislation committee on Sunday decided to order the coalition members to support a bill submitted by MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) which revokes official Reform participation in state-run ritual baths in Israel. The Knesset’s first reading of the bill will likely be conducted this week.

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Ultra-Orthodox rabbinic control 'is eroding' says Rabbi Eric Yoffie

Trump-like, Haredi rabbis are trying to distract their young people by non-stop attacks on others. That's a compliment to Reform's growing influence in Israel –and a sign of the Haredi leadership's desperation says Rabbi Eric Yoffie.

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Minister threatens to quit Government if Reform Jews aren't weakened

Health Minister and United Torah Judaism Chair Yaakov Litzman threatened Friday that his faction of the party, Agudat Yisrael, would quit the coalition without legislation aimed at limiting the power of non-Orthodox movements in Israel and solidifying Orthodox Judaism's dominance. Litzman and representatives of other ultra-Orthodox parties are expected to voice their demands to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday.

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