Support Marriage Equality in Israel

Meet Valentine and Elizabetha. They were both born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. They first met in the Jewish Agency Sunday School and then they both moved to Israel. They reconnected on Facebook. Five years ago, they started to chat nearly every day, and then they decided to meet. They have been inseparable since. Valentine is currently working as an electrical-engineer at Intel and Elizabetha is in an academic preparatory course at the Technion in Haifa. They are members of Shirat Ha-Yam congregation in Haifa. Valentine and Elizabetha cannot get married in Israel because Elizabetha is a Reform convert and not [...]

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ARZA Annual Report July 2016 – June 2017

  COUNCIL OF MANAGEMENT President:                                  Steve Denenberg Immediate Past President:        Barbara Ford Vice President:                          Caryn Granek (Victoria) Vice President:                          Sandy Hollis (NSW) Honorary Secretary:                  Eric McDonald (ACT) Honorary Treasurer:                 Philip Levy (NSW) Committee members: Lesley Rosenthal (South Australia) Hila Jacobi (Queensland) Dudu Gotleib (NSW Community Shaliach) Uri Levin (Victoria Community Shaliach) Joel McCarroll (Mazkir, Netzer Australia) Rabbi Adi Cohen (Moetzah representative) Rabbi David Kunin (Moetzah representative) Honorary Solicitor: Norbert Schweizer, (Schweizer Kobras Pty. Ltd) PRESIDENT’S REPORT ARZA Australia has three “core” activities as the Political Zionist arm of the Progressive movement in [...]

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Three Weddings and a Statement

When you hear the word "wedding" the first image that comes to mind is usually that of a young couple in love setting off to build a life together. In Israel, the couple and their families join under the huppah, with an Orthodox rabbi (often a stranger) officiating. They perform a ceremony of purchase of the bride. The woman does not get to say a word, give her partner a ring, or take an equal part in the ceremony. In Israel, this is the only legal way for a Jew to marry - through the ultra-Orthodox Rabbinate. What if [...]

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All hail the chief

Last Thursday, the Honorable Esther Hayut was sworn in as the new Chief Justice of Israel’s Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is one of Israel’s most important mechanisms for change. IRAC lawyers visit the Supreme Court almost weekly, and it is where we have had some of our most important victories. We want to use the occasion of a new Chief Justice to explain to you how the Supreme Court in Israel works. The Israeli Supreme Court is made up of 15 justices. Eleven of the justices are men and four are women. One is Arab. Judges are appointed [...]

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