Yom Ha’atzmaut

April Newsletter A Yom Ha'atzmaut message from the World Zionist Organisation Dear Friends, The State of Israel is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Jewish people throughout history. The Zionist movement did the extraordinary and brought the Jewish people back to their land after 2,000 years of exile. When we are asked to  summarize this chapter of the first 70 years, we must remember and cherish all those who contributed to the building and strength of the State of Israel, those from Israel and those from the Diaspora. To thank those who envisioned, worked, acted, and breathed life [...]

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Chag Pesach Sameach

Chag Pesach Sameach! The coming few weeks are an emotional roller coaster for all Jews.  This weekend we celebrate Pesach and the exodus from Egypt, and soon after, on Yom HaShoah, we remember the six million people who were murdered simply because they were Jewish. We then commemorate Yom HaZicharon, when we remember those fallen soldiers who fought to protect Israel and who made it possible, with so many others, for us to celebrate Israel’s independence on April 19. As we approach this momentous time, let us remember that the times of our greatest achievements  - including the [...]

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Israel cannot afford to deny Jewish pluralism any longer THE SUBJECT OF Jewish pluralism in Israel has long been like a recurring pain. It hurts often enough to trouble you but getting it properly fixed would not only be cumbersome but excessively costly. But as the modern state of Israel approaches it 70th birthday, for all its achievements it’s hard to ignore that ache any longer. One of the few subjects to unite the political left and right, the monopoly of the ultra-Orthodox rabbinate over religious and Jewish life and law in Israel has been simmering ominously. Now it seems to be finally coming up to the [...]

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Dear Friends, I rarely write about my personal life, however, this month I would like to share with you my and my family’s joy and happiness as my eldest daughter Amalyah will be called to the Torah and become a Bat Mitzvah, on the last Shabbat of January. She was also honorably called to the Torah yesterday morning at the Women of the Wall’s Rosh Hodesh service at the Kotel. A daughters Bat Mitzvah, naturally, brings about many emotions, perhaps most apparent, pride. Pride as a father knowing all the effort she has put into this moment and pride [...]

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High Court Demands Update

Shalom, We have received the results of the Supreme Court Hearing. They are outlined well in this news article: In response to the Supreme Court's decision following yesterday's hearing, Rabbi Gilad Kariv, President and CEO of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, said: "The court's decision reflects the fact that the government has not presented the court with any real progress towards the construction of the egalitarian prayer plaza at the Western Wall. We hope that the decision will make the Israeli government internalize its duty and begin serious and fair negotiations with the Reform and [...]

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