Religious Liberals: On the Way Down?

Originally published by J-Wire Religious Liberals: On the Way Down?…asks Bill Rubinstein December 10, 2017 by Professor Bill RubInstein A recent report in the Australian Jewish News (“Rabbis Urge Compassion,” 24 November) concerned a meeting of the Council of Progressive Rabbis and the Council of Masorti Rabbis in Australia. The meeting’s aim was to set out an ultra-liberal political agenda which its participants advocated and endorsed. Specifically mentioned were Manus Island, where “Australia’s current approach to asylum seekers lacks … compassion, decency, and humanity.” On fossil fuels, the meeting opposed the Carmichael Mine in Queensland, “because of the devastating [...]

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Chanukah Greetings from ARZA

As we celebrate the second night of Chanukah, the Festival of Light and the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight days in the re-dedication of the Temple, we might well reflect on what dedication means. The Maccabim created and led a movement to re-establish a set of values that had been attacked by an external force and further eroded by the acceptance of other cultural and religious values within the community. The initial group of Maccabim was a small group of people who were dedicated to achieving change. Their hard-fought successes then inspired others to join their [...]

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IMPJ wishes you a Happy Chanukah

Dear friends, As we mark the second night of Chanukah, we light the Hanukiyah. We do so, traditionally, to celebrate the miracle of the oil, which lasted for eight days – much longer than expected. But in lighting the Hanukiyah and adding a candle every night for eight nights, we are also helping increase the light in our life and in the lives of those who surround us. Just last week, three Israeli couples wed at Temple Emanu-El in New York in the presence of 1,500 guests, all calling for freedom of choice in marriage in Israel. The [...]

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Victory for the Women of Bet Shemesh

We won! “There will be no segregation of women in any city in Israel.” So said the Israeli Supreme Court during Monday’s hearing on modesty signs in Bet Shemesh. Monday was a big day in court for IRAC and the women of Bet Shemesh, and all women in Israel. The three-judge panel ruled that ALL modesty in Bet Shemesh must be removed by December 18. In addition to their removal, the Court ruled that there will be an increased police presence in the area to ensure that the signs are removed and stay down. This ruling was the momentous [...]

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Three Weddings and a Statement

Yesterday more than 1500 people joined together with us at Temple Emanuel in New York City to celebrate the love of three Israeli couples denied the right to marry in their own way in their own country. One was denied for being a same sex union, one for being a reform convert, and another for having the conviction to say no to the ultra-Orthodox monopoly on marriage in Israel. The couples’ vows express the importance and meaning of this event more eloquently than we can. Ori Berwald Shaer said: “I know that in 40 or 50 years, we will [...]

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